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The key mission of the INSPIRE Platform is to support multi/inter/transdisciplinary advanced research, based on the state of the art biomedical imagining infrastructure.

HOW TO ACCESS the infrastructures of the INSPIRE Platform:

(1) Those interested to access the centers/labs. on the INSPIRE Platform should contact the coordinator of each Center, by providing info. about:

(1a) the proposed project (e.g., at least the title and an extended abstract);

(1b) CVs of the main PIs;

(1c) the targeted labs.;

(1d) the expected mechanism of the proposed collaboration: (1) independent paid time; (2) partially paid time and joint projects; (3) joint projects.

(2) The coordinator of each Center will consult with the coordinators of the targeted labs. and the final decision will be taken together. Considering the strategic infrastructure of the lab, the decision can be also discussed in the Board of the Institute in which the Center is located.

(3) If the access time is limited, there are priorities regarding the projects of the internal teams, the teams of the larger INSPIRE Platform, and strategic collaborators of UBB.